N-core October Sale

Sale until October 20th!

I -think- I got all of them, but it’s very possible I might have missed one or two. Here ya go!

Photos Here:

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_019Snapshot_020 Snapshot_021 Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_024 Snapshot_025 Snapshot_026 Snapshot_027Snapshot_029 Snapshot_030 Snapshot_031 Snapshot_032 Snapshot_033 Snapshot_034 Snapshot_035 Snapshot_036Snapshot_038 Snapshot_039 Snapshot_040 Snapshot_041 Snapshot_042 Snapshot_043 Snapshot_044 Snapshot_045 Snapshot_046 Snapshot_047 Snapshot_048 Snapshot_049 Snapshot_050 Snapshot_051 Snapshot_052 Snapshot_053 Snapshot_054 Snapshot_037


Lazy Sunday 3rd Birthday and Gifts Along the Way!

Lazy Sunday is celebrating their 3rd birthday by including ALL of the stores that they hit every other Sunday on one huge list! You can find the entire list here:


But here are a few gifties and cheapies you should know about as you make your rounds!

Also not pictured:

Aeva // Heartsick 1l tattoo gift (fundraiser going on for HS)

Addiction Jewelry (1l earrings on table and 50% sale)

:[The Plastik.]: “boobies gift” for May

Fifty Linden Friday 4/26/13

Mocha and Second Spaces didn’t have their items out yet, so keep them in mind as you shop today. Including URL’s to their locations so that you can check back with them! Here’s the current list:










Second Spaces  (not currently out atm)




So Many Styles





mocha (not currently out atm)


Conspiracy Theory

Items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

Yoon and Energy Anniversary

Yoon Skin Group Gifts (Free Group)

ImageImageImageImageShape – [YOON ANNYVERSARY] :: Carina ::  SHAPE (no mod version)


ImageImageOutfit – D-Style – NRG Female Gift

Necklace – Mossi Gossamer Key Heart Necklace (3 sizes)

Hair – MISS C. / Rox for Stuff in Stock ( 6 Colours )

Skin – [YOON SKIN] :: Yoony ::  GROUP GIFT

Shape – BlackMamba Mya Shape Energy GG (no mod version)

Energy Club can be found here



Valentine’s Goodness From Across the Grid!

I usually update my SL Facebook page with all of the amazing goodies that I or one of my many (more amazing) co-contributors find, but, with Valentine’s day comes SALES and FREEBIES GALORE! Just way too many to mention in one post. So, I’ll be updating this post with any freebies/sales/dollarbies/group gifts that I find for the next few days!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate, everything in a Caspervend vendor at [dirty.little.secret] is marked down to 25L!!

The exception is the limited edition boots at the front of the store. There are only 50 pairs left, and I’ve marked them down to only 10L!!! Once those are gone, they’ll never be sold again, and another exclusive limited edition will take it’s place. Hurry to get yours!


[Blossom] Vday Holiday Sale

[Blossom] is hosting it’s annual Vday Holiday sale! All RED, PINK & PURPLE items are marked down to 50L from Feb 11- Feb 18th!

There is  a brand new group gift! Be sure to wear your tag to get!




Aphrodite Restaurant and Store have 5 group gifts available! All are free, since the group is free 😉
Taxi to Aphrodite


Cheeky Pea’s newest group gift! More info here: http://cheekypea.info/2013/02/15/happy-valentines-day-from-cheeky-pea/


e! is having a 50L Valentines Day sale on ALL red items in the mainstore. These items can be sent to a friend via our gifting options making them a lovely surprise for someone special! The sale starts midday on the 13th and goes until midnight on the 14th!

Taxi to Eclectic Apparel 


Hello Everyone. LIV-Glam is having a VALENTINES HUNT. 30 nice items are out for the hunt and they are 15 linden each. I am sure you will love the DRESSES, JEWELRY, PURSES, PANTS, JUMPSUIT. Wow. And some have several patterns.
We thank you for shopping at LIV-GLAM!
LIV-GLAM & Company

Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zen%20Couture/93/218/25
BLOG: http://livglam.wordpress.com/


We have a Valentine’s Day VIP group gift, out now at the main-store now (pick it up from the sign near the landing point, the VIP room or group notices) , remember to have your group tag active. ‘Who We Love’ Photoboard – has 15 photo spaces, so you can add textures/snapshots of your loved ones.

Group Fee 250L

Taxi to {What Next} VIP Room

[LIV-Glam] Treats Her Customers Right!

I’d purchased a few of LIV-Glam’s items from various sales, so I chanced taking a peek at the store today.


As soon as I landed I was SURROUNDED by group gifts. I peeked at the group fee – *eeps* 500L – but then REALLY took a look around the group gift room. There were literally clothes everywhere, and ALL were of extremely excellent quality. Lots of mesh items, gowns, fun ensembles, some even with jewelry to match! And I’m going to say this word reaaaaallll slowly – F A T P A C K S – yes, FATPACKS were set to group gifts!!!

I counted, folks. I walked away with 61 outfits that I chose to bring home, definitely not all of the outfits they had there to be grabbed up. That’s sixty one outfits that, in all actuality, if you counted the ones that were fatpacks and came in an individual color, I probably walked out with more like 120 outfits. I’m guessing here, folks.

Here are only SOME of the outfits that I found there…I didn’t get the chance to unpack the ones that came in fatpacks, but those that came with a nifty lil HUD, you betcha I used it! (Keep in mind folks, these are raw shots…I didn’t do anything fancy to them to save time and to get the pics out to you as soon as possible after I found this incredible deal!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can find the store here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zen%20Couture/135/223/24

Other style notes:

Skin – .::WoW Skins::. Anais Milk special edition (added the Detoner tattoo layer from Medley to take out the orange)

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (London Fog, free DEMO eyes)

Hair – Amacci Hair ~ Gloria – Dark Brown Pack (95L sale)